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Day 39 - What Mowgli Syndrome shows us about Parenting

Within this blog post I am looking at Mowgli Syndrome.

So what is Mowgli Syndrome?
- The term originates from the chatACTer Mowgli, a fictional feral child from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.
It is used as a descriptive term for feral children who exist within our world here in the physical.

A feral child is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and has no (or little) experience of human care, social behavior, and, crucially, of human language.

Within these writings I am not going to highlight or even touch on the points of why and how feral children have come to exist, such as the points of abandonment by parents, child abuse etc. Instead I am going to be investigating the point of how the child takes on the behaviors of the animals which it has been living with, and showing what this suggests with regards to parenting and how the current parenting ‘skills’ on earth are the reason for the ongoing disregard for life here on earth.

Here are a few cases of feral children:

What these stories show us about learning and our environment is that CHILDREN COPY and IMITATE their SURROUNDINGS in ABSOLUTE DETAIL.

It is obvious commonsense that by observing the world within its totality as how it exists and how we have cre-Hated it – that the patterns which parents have actively taught as well as lived as examples for children to copy/imitate for generations, has resulted in all of the atrocities existent in the world - Parents determine the nature of this world.

It is clear that parents determine and create the charACTer of the child, and the children then go onto play the charACTers which were taught to them on the world stage which results in the charACTers we have manifested today on earth which all ACT out the beLIEfs they were taught, resulting in the devastations within this ongoing Game which is made out of life where within this there is NO consideration from the parents in teaching the children to live as self-responsible equals within this world.

Who I am today is merely a conglomeration of PATTERNS which I have copied and imitated from my PARENTS and all other PARENTS within my world/reality.

It is accurate to say that there are NO living human beings on earth – only PATTERNS created by PATTERNS as PARENTS. And so we continue creating and manifesting absolute destruction as we continue existing within/as these patterns from which we have created charACTers and accordingly defined ourselves by, so that we can claim innocence in our joint part of the manifestation of destruction and absolute abuse of life, by claiming “but this of who I AM”/”this is ME”/”This is my charACTer”.

The point to see, realize and understand is that in order to change the world into an expression of what is best for all, it is imperative that we change the PATTERNS in this world as ourselves.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not realize by believing that a Higher Feeling of Frequency or Intent would somehow Overpower the Patterns Parents Teach Children as the Character of this World is in itself the Character of Ignorance as Root Cause of the Conditions Prevailing on Earth as evidenced in the Graven Images of the Beloved Good Heartedness in the Graveyards around the Globe where the Lobes of Ears were Earthed six feet under to Return to Dust Blowing in the Wind as Life Wasted without ever understanding the Designed Nature of Man as Patterns through which Parents could have Changed the World Pattern to a World Characterized to What’s Best For All Life as the Living Word Pattern that Jesus suggested as Giving as You would like to Receive and to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself, instead Jesus was Defined as the Pattern of God with God as the Parent without any of the Followers Becoming the Pattern of Jesus One and Equal, to be the Parent that ensure that  Every Child Born becomes the Pattern as the Living Word, as the Living Flesh that Jesus demonstrated so that Life on Earth could be the Effective Pattern Desired by All to be the image of Heaven on Earth. - Creation's Journey to Life

Self-Forgiveness to follow.

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