Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 41 - Energetically Charged Decision-Making

I am currently looking at what I want to study next year for university. Here I am going to walk you through my decision-making process and the realizations that came from it.

So I was looking through the Universities' Curriculums and after some investigation into the modules covered within the points I had considered taking, I had finally decided on 2 possible routes. One being in the direction of Economics (there were a few options to study for this) and the other being Psychology.

I had a huge resistance attached to the Psychology route and without having first investigated this, I allowed myself to settle for going into the Economic direction. In discussion with someone about what I was looking at studying, I had mentioned that Psychology was still a possibility but that I had resistance to it. So the person asked what the resistance was. In this moment it was the first time I actually allowed myself to investigate to see what the resistance was within its make-up. What I found is that I had made the decision to not study Psychology based on memories of someone telling me stories about their experience of it, and I had in those moments attached a negative energetic charge to the point.

So, going back to the point of when I was looking through the Universities' Curriculums, I had within and during that moment made a decision to not study psychology based on this negative energetic charge I had imprinted into and as me along with the memories I had held onto of this specific being and what they had shared of their experience with studying psychology. Essentially I was looking through a veils of energy as emotion within this situation and I allowed myself to be guided and directed by the negative energetic charge I attached to the point of studying psychology.

So again, to bring it back to the point of origin - Within the moments in conversation with the being who had shared their experience of psychology with me, I had essentially programmed myself to respond to psychology in a negative way through having allowed myself to judge (give a negative value) to what the person was saying about psychology.

When I realized what I had done within my decision-making process, I clearly saw that I had in fact not made a self-directed decision at all as it was all based on energetic charges which I had programmed myself to respond to. So I then went and allowed myself to remove all of the memories of what I had heard about psychology as well as the negative energetic charges I had attached to these memories, and then went back to the curriculum book to re-look at the psychology point.

This was really cool because I was investigating the point for the first time in fact.

How many 'decisions/choices' have we made within our lives which are based on and directed by energetic charges?
Our world as it exists today is clearly the result of making decisions based on energy.
Time to stop and investigate how we exist as characters which are moved by energetic charges - charges we have deliberately programmed into ourselves to keep ourselves hoodwinked.

Self-forgiveness to follow.


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