Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 45 - Deliberately Mind-Fucked by Myself

Looking here at the point of Deliberateness within how we as human beings deliberately accept and allow a world of absolute suffering to continue existing.

Obviously I will walk this point as myself as how it exists within/as me, to show how it is that we collectively create and perpetuate the abuse within this world.

Everything I do, participate within, accept and allow is deliberate. It could not possibly exist if it wasn't so. Many times within my life I have claimed innocence and ignorance to this fact by stepping into the 'I don't know charACTer'. However this too is deliberate, because I know what I am doing, but I have created all of these support-charACTers to keep myself in hiding because I don't want to SEE what I am doing, why I am doing it and how I am doing it - all to be able to come back to the point of being able to apparently claim my so-called innocence within the creation of the world's fucked-up-ness as all of the ongoing AB-normal-USE that exists within the world today. So what does this show? That it is a deliberate ACT within this charACTer I have created to be able to evade one thing - TAKING RESPONSIBILITY TO CHANGE MYSELF AS THIS WORLD INTO A PHYSICALLY MANIFESTED LIVING EXPRESSION OF WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL LIFE HERE IN THE PHYSICAL.

"So, we have to change our DELIBERATENESS, to deliberately changing - instead of deliberately accepting and allowing ourselves to recreate consequence."
  • Sunette Spies

"So, understand - there are no coincidences - all events, experiences and decisions are always planned meticulously through characters to take place deliberately. And therefore, one is always responsible for everything, in every way. Because, without you - it wouldn't have happened exactly the way it did."
  • Bernard Poolman

In posts to follow I will be going deeper into the 'HOW' it is that I live out this Deliberateness to not change myself and I will assist and support myself to walk into actual change in the moments I have as opportunities in/as breaths to do so, through first walking the self-forgiveness and then LIVING the CORRECTIVE APPLICATION in fact, as I understand that to not do this is a deliberate act of perpetuating the AB-normal-USE towards life here.


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