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Day 98 - Human Nature and Change - IDEA vs. IDEAL

 Art by Matti Freeman

Can Human Nature change?

Whenever there is a proposal for a way forward in order to establish equality on earth, specifically in relation to the current economic systems, there is often the justification used that 'You Can't Change Human Nature'.

The Common Statements are:
'Human Nature Will Not Allow It'
'You Can't Change Human Nature'
'You Will Fail, Mankind Will Never Change'

So let's investigate this ideology...

Look at the economic system of capitalism, as an example. People who support capitalism as it exists today, often argue that "You Cannot Change Human Nature". However within this they make the assumption that because people behave in certain ways in a capitalist society as it exists today, that this somehow defines their behaviour, as if no other behaviour is possible. If we look at how capitalism shapes a person's nature in terms of how they express themselves within such a society, we can clearly agree that the general expression of people as a result is selfish greed resulting in the abuse of life at any COST to get ahead in this competitive system within which one strives to be a winner at all COSTS, because being a loser in this system means that you could die from not having the most BASIC of needs met.

Now, if you are born into a capitalist society, NATURALLY your nature will be conditioned to respond to certain stimuli. The point which everyone seems to be missing is that the starting point of these stimuli is to get you to support the system as it exists. To get you to support and reward greed which breeds violence, separation from life and the exploitation of life. We are taught to accept, allow and respond to these stimuli from when we are born through to the day we die, without ever questioning and challenging this justification/ideology of 'but this is the way I/we naturally am/are - I/we Cannot Change!'. And everyone seems to 'naturally' support this ideology. Look at the educational systems and family systems - they are the greatest teachers and supporters of the way in which our nature is shaped into alignment with the principle of, you could say, 'take from another and give nothing back'.

No one EVER questions or investigates the possibility that one could take these automated responses which is one's 'human nature' within how we allow ourselves to interact within our world/reality, and to from this dissect it and correct in order to become a human with a nature which stands in support of life and exhibits this within one's expression at all times. No - Instead we continue to defend the be-LIE-fs and Ideas which are born from these systems of greed. We keep believing that the only way to exist is within and from a state of constant fear. Most are not even aware that this is actually the case for ALL humans. However, this does not mean that we have to CON-tinue in this way. How do I know this? Read on and you shall find out in a few moments.

Who in our Society Promotes the IDEA that Human Nature CANNOT CHANGE?

A few questions to assist:
Do those that own property want human nature to change?
Do those that own shares in the corporations want human nature to change?
Do the elite want human nature to change?
Do you accept that it is human nature for all human beings to struggle and compete for private profit/gain?

There are Vested Interests with Investments in the System as it Now exists, that is of the Opinion that Human Nature Cannot Change. You’ll Find that this Ideology Forms the Foundation of Economics, Religion, Psychology, Education, Politics – basically Everything that Forms part of the Current System, Follows the Premise that Human Nature Cannot Change. - by Bernard Poolman taken from Creation's Journey to Life

This is what it boils down to - this ideology that 'Human Nature Cannot Change', is just that = It's an IDEA.

So what is an IDEA?

Dictionary Definition:
  • A concept or mental impression.

  • notion - thought - conception - concept - opinion - view

My understanding of an IDEA:
If we investigate ideas and opinions, we will find that they are an accumulation of knowledge and information which we have stored in the memory banks of our minds. Within myself, as example, I have seen that I have adopted multiple beliefs,  ideas and opinions throughout my lifetime, and I have accepted them as a sort of law which cannot be changed, like 'this is the way it is'. Furthermore, I have taken it a step further and within and from my acceptance of ideas and opinions, I have gone and DEFINED myself according to then to make them MY ideas and opinions. And whenever someone or something challenges my SELF-DEFINITIONS as ideas and opinions, then I go into a point of reaction and call upon the banks of my mind to supply me with ammunition to deaf-end, oh sorry DEFEND (I cannot hear/here what YOU are sharing) the definitions of myself in order to 'be right' and 'be validated' as the opinion and idea character that I have accepted myself to be and become.

There are many different opinions and ideas shared by others on this topic of 'Human Nature Cannot Change'.

Looking at socialism and the general socialist perspective on this - They come from the standing point of recognizing that there is such a thing as human nature, but that its most prominent feature is its changeability. "What makes us distinctly human is our ability, not only to change as our circumstances change, but to create new and different social relations and then adapt to them. Socialists argue that if humans could create capitalism, humans can create socialism."

I am not focusing on socialism as being a sustainable solution, however I want to discuss the point of "What makes us distinctly human is our ability, not only to change as our circumstances change, but to create new and different social relations and then adapt to them". Just as a side note, it is not only humans who have this ability as the same can be said for all species. Look at nature and the animal kingdom and how they have been FORCED into changing how they exist and how they have had to adapt to all of the nasty changes we as humans have placed them into.

Anyways, back to the topic… So socialists recognize our ability to change, from the starting point of observing how we have had to change within our current systems in order to survive. So my question is, why has no one investigated self-change within the understanding that self-change will accumulate a changed world? Why are most resisting the message of Desteni and Equal Money? And further more, why are these ideas, such as shared by socialists not taken and directed towards a living solution?

I mean, one REALLY has to direct oneself to investigate these common sense questions. Lets once and for all identify what the CAUSES are for humans to NOT WANT to Change their Nature to what is Best for All Life - as this would be a more self-honest approach to investigating this topic of the idea that 'human nature cannot change'… isn't it?

Who in our Society Promote the IDEAL that Human Nature  CAN CHANGE?

Remember earlier where I mentioned that I know that human nature is able to be changed? Well here starts the sharing of my knowing which has not been born from abstract ideas and opinions, but rather from walking a practical process of self-change within my own life through applying the practical tools and principles shared at Desteni.

Earlier I mentioned that 'No one EVER questions or investigates the possibility that one could take these automated responses which is one's 'human nature' within how we allow ourselves to interact within our world/reality, and to from this dissect it and correct in order to become a human with a nature which stands in support of life and exhibits this within one's expression at all times.' The truth is that through walking the Desteni I Process and participating within the Desteni group, this is exactly the process I (and many others) am busy with.

I have come to see, realize and understand that I am an extremely pre-programmed being and that my pre-programming stems from generations who have gone before me. Within this the greatest realization is that I have ACCEPTED and ALLOWED myself to define myself according to that which I have been taught, thus this means that I AM RESPONSIBLE for the nature of myself as I exist currently, based on this basic principle of acceptances and allowances. I have accepted and allowed myself to perpetuate the patterns I have been taught.

Human nature is not some point which is out of our control, somewhere 'out there' as a definite point which cannot be challenged or changed. We have to investigate our own nature within what we accept and allow within and as ourselves and consequentially our world and reality. I have been able to change many point about myself through the process of challenging my self-definitions as the accumulation of knowledge and information which I have accepted as myself and lived as within a living statement of 'This is me world - I am who I am - Take it or Leave it'.

Through walking my process of self-change within my journey towards life, I have been able to prove within LIVING practically the steps required to actually manifest change within myself, that human nature CAN infACT change. The same can be said for all those who have started their own individual journeys of self-change through applying the basic self-responsible PRACTICAL and LIVING steps shared by Desteni.

I mean, just looking back at the beginning of my own process, before I has actually APPLIED the tools of self-change for myself - I TOO shared this idea/opinion that human nature cannot change. I looked at the world within its totality and CONcluded that it is an IMPOSSIBLE task with reference to the way in which humans are at this moment in time. So in one foul swoop, this idea/opinion overrode ANY common sense from the perspective that I had not taken into consideration the reality of how change could be manifested. I mean, I had NEVER even QUEST-IoNed the possibilities within/as myself, but instead allowed an IDEA to take control and dictate that 'it cannot be done' without having considered challenging this point through actually WALKING the necessary steps practically in space and time. LOL - it's quite ridiculous when I look back at these moments in my life, where I in such a moment completely gave all my power as directive principle away to such a flimsy point as an IDEA which rooted from my mind reality.

People talk about change in the world and talk about how the world requires an answer, but this is where is has always stayed - at talking.  The moment a solution such as Equal Money Capitalism is suggested and introduced, more often than not, these big talkers run scared and turn against the IDEAL shared. Showing that they are all talk and NO ACTion! And obviously there is an element of fear within this as well, because people fear what will happen to them, their family and their friends is they were to stand up and take the necessary steps to change. The current systems RELY on this fear which drives us to accept and allow what has been created., and to NEVER dare to question it.

What we should be doing is redefining Human Nature to align it more to a Best for All Solution point of 'Human Nurture'. We should be aligning our current accepted and allowed human nature to become an expression where humans nurture one another and nurturing the animal and plant kingdoms within LIVING the principle of 'do unto another that which you want to be done unto'. This is the IDEAL of Equal Money Capitalism - to establish a LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM from and within which ALL will have their basic NATURE-NATURAL-NURTURING points MET, through having food and having water and having shelter and having clothing and all ones basic needs to live a dignified life will be supplied without having to go about satisfying these needs through pushing our fellow human beings/animals/nature down through competing with one another in a system which supports greed and competition which breeds violence and abuse and the total disregard of life.

See - this is the current accepted and allowed 'Human Nature' which has been born from a starting point of reaction rather than action. Reaction, because each child born into the world systems as they exist currently, is forced to react to these systems in order to survive, and within and through this the child's nature gets conditioned with this being the foundation. NATURALLY violence, greed, abuse, selfish self-interest will be the nature formed within such systems. And then it is JUSTIFIED by stating bullshit, like,' capitalism is not only the best and most efficient economic system ever, but also the most natural.' WHY? Because the system has ALIGNED everyone to being this way!

Dictionary definition of IDEAL:
  • Satisfying one's conception of what is perfect; most suitable
  • A person or thing regarded as perfect: "you're my ideal of a man".
  • perfect

The message of Desteni and Equal Money Capitalism is the message/proposal/introduction of an IDEAL Human and an IDEAL World which stands in all ways as what is Best for ALL Life.

The IDEA that 'Human Nature Cannot Change' comes from a process of taking knowledge and information of what is HERE as can be seen in our reality as it exists in this moment, and turning it into an alternate mind reality through creating an idea of how things are and from this one is not even able to consider  a possible solution, not able to consider the process we as humans have walked to arrive at the point where WE ARE (considering PHYSICAL REALITY and not one’s own internal mind reality).

We hold onto these ideas and live by them as if they were an ultimate law, instead of granting ourselves the opportunity to actual WALK the process of challenging these ideas to see if it is in fact so in reality, or if we are able to actually manifest self-change and consequentially a changed world.
I implore you, dear reader, to put aside your knowledge and information for a moment and to INVEST-I-n the-GATE-s of Desteni I Process and Equal Money Capitalism, which are the living messages of love made practical and REAL for all. Self-change is possible - you just have to stop hiding behind falsities such as you accepted and allowed BE-LIE-fs, ideas, perceptions and opinions and to turn around and face yourself within self-responsibility.

To start this process, you can start with the FREE Course offered which has already assisted many within their own process of self-change through developing essential life skills to be a Human with a Nature that are for all life as oneself. This is the DIP Lite Course. The Equal Money Capitalism Proposal is a proposal which is truly the answer we have been waiting for, but have been too afraid to stand up for. Competition for personal gain which results in the abuse of life on earth will simply not exist in this system, because one will already have success when one is born, and this is equal for ALL ONEs

"To claim that human nature cannot change and that you refuse to make the choice that is best for all life always is to affirm that you have no free choice and that you are part of the reason why evil and abuse exist". - Bernard Poolman

So to end off, please investigate the links below to educate yourself:

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Also make sure to watch the Documentary Series “The Century of The Self”, as it is a Confirmation that Human Nature can be Changed, Shaped and Manipulated.

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