Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 99 - Arguing for Limitations vs. Strengthening Limitations

I just finished listening to the Eqafe Interview ‘Arguing for Limitations vs. Strengthening Limitations’ which is part of the Reptilians Interview Series.

We all argue for our limitations, whether you are aware of how/where you do this or not.

I have seen this multiple times within my own life – how and where I argue for my limitations.
However, this point is still very much a part of my life within how I participate within my mind as thoughts/backchats and internal experiences in terms of always finding a way as an excuse/justification to not have to change.


I found this interview to be very assisting as it explains the multi-dimensionality of ‘arguing for one’s limitations’.

We often live out our daily lives, thinking that what we do and how we exist within and as ourselves has no effect on those around us and our existential world and reality. However, if one look at the point self-honestly – it is through arguing for our limitations that our world has not changed ad that we continue to accept and allow humanity to go further down this road of self-destruction.

Arguing for our limitations is the reason as to why we as human beings have not stood up to change the systems as they exist. And an point which is also explained within this interview is how we have in a sense become Best Buddies with Blame (BBWB). And this is very clear, because we can all within and as ourselves individually identify all of the points of blame we come up with as the reasons/justifications/excuses why WE are not changing. “It’s not me, it’s THEM” / “It’s their fault”.

“This is something that the human race have become really proficient at doing, in terms of coming up with all sorts of justifications and excuses and reasons for why and how human nature is the way it is or why and how it is that you are the way you are within your mind, within your life, within your relationship towards others, humanity and this physical existence.” - Veno

The fact of the matter remains that as long as we continue arguing for our limitations, the longer we by and through this limit our capacity to change in f-ACT.

I experience a sense of regret when I look at my life and try to imagine how many days I of my life I have wasted on this point of arguing for my limitations instead of living practically. All the times I made a statement of myself as ‘I can’t do this”, or “It’s impossible”, or “I don’t know”, or “I don’t want to do this now”. When looking at the physical practicality of the moments when I called upon these mind cop-outs to not have to face myself and LIVE in reality, I see that in those moments I was more than able to get the point done, but instead I wasted my time arguing for my limitations through defending my excuses, justifications and reasons as to why I could not do it.

I mean – it’s really time for us to investigate this point within our lives, as it is one of the core reasons as to why we as humanity are not changing. So I suggest to all to invest in this interview, because it is an extremely educational interview in showing the obvious common sense within the point of arguing for our limitations instead of facing ourselves within this point and strengthening our limitations in order to facilitate self-change and so also world change.

We have for long enough been hiding behind this point - Time to stop.

Invest in your own self-change by investing in this interview.


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